He's a spacer
A star chaser
A spacer
He's a ladies man
Always greets with, a kiss on the hand
He protects us all
At the ready to answer our call
In his own special way he is gentle and kind
Oppression he hates
Love in his eyes
My heart skips a beat when I'm by his side
(repeat chorus twice)
In our galaxy
You can't trust everyone that you meet
I'm so lucky
He's the only on I'll ever need
He will blast off tonight
He puts his life on the line everytime he's in flight
A man you can trace
But our love will last beyond time and space
(repeat chorus three times)
With my charge plates and credit cards
Making my life hard
With my charge plates and credit cards
I know I can go far
Worked hard so many years
To get my references together
Paid all my bills right on time
And then my friends they told me better
I applied for master charge
A diner's club and a visa
And now i'm buying everything in sight
I hear they're selling " La Mona Lisa"
(repeat chorus twice)
American Express became
My grenn and white and black lover
Then one morgning it turned to gold
And took gopd care of me' like big brother
When the masters bills came in
I re-evaluated my spending
Now I've borrowed an assumed name
To see if any banks are still lending
(repeat chorus twice)
instrumental break
(repeat chorus to end)
Mayday, hey ! I'm in trouble mayday (repeat 2 times)
My heart is exploding
My engines are going
Cool, cool
Oil is escaping and
Seems to be taking you
My panel is steaming
And now I can't even steer, dear
But the reason why I'm crashing is
Cause you can't raise your landing gear
Mayday(repeat 3 times)
I'm headed for disaster
I can't go no faster
Doom, doom
My engines are stalling
For help I'm calling
Papa zulu x-ray
My readings, 4-9-er
3 ; 3
Distress signal squelching
I hope someone will rescue me
Mayday(repeat 3 times)
Misery is a part of me
Makes me
Open up my eyes to see
My life's grown from the hearts I've known
In misery
My heart was torn from the day I was born
It's a misery
I'm tired of all this running
I can't slow down 'cause I know what's coming
I just hope I can make it
'Cause my heart just can't take it no more
Misery is a part of me
Makes me
Open up my eyes to see
It's a pity and a shame
There's no one to blame, it's destiny
It's hard to continue when all's on the menu
Is misery
End it all, it's so inviting
I think I'll try something more exciting
I just hope I can make it
'Cause my heart just can't take it no more
Misery is a part of me
Makes me
Open up my eyes to see
I'm in love with the king of, the king of the world
(repeat 3 times)
One fine day
He got a letter marked "Best Chance on Earth"
It did say
The driver who crosses the finish line first
Would represent the total population of his occupation
Massive concentration would be needed and
Determination to win the title
The Fastest Driving Man
I'm in love(repeat 4 times)
Day of the race
He had a doubtful look on his face
It made me say
All of your life you waited just for today
Then he went out and won
The pole position
Oh his composition
Foiled the opposition
It looked like there was no competition
Then I saw him get the chequered flag
I'm in love(repeat 4 times)
Crazy world of cover girls
The crazy world of cover girls
Get up at five, not quite alive
I've lived the last three nights on dry martinis
Although it's winter time
They make me pose outside in a bikini
My skin is wash and wear
Got rainbows in my hair, oh what a sight
I've got a flair that makes the people stare
And I'll go anywhere the price is right
Crazy world(repeat 2 times)
I'm on the head sheet but still pound the beat
And my agent want's his ten percent
I do all the running
And never make the money that I've spent
Sometimes I just can't take it
When my body's achin' every place
But I keep on goin', all the time I'm hopin'
I'm not just another pretty face
Crazy world(repeat 3 times)