All lyrics by Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers of the CHIC org. - We Are Family 1979
(*) Wanna hold you in my arms
You're a friend to me
You're a friend to me
(* repeat)
Hello, how have you been
It's so nice to see you again
I've been thinking of ways
To make you feel good
Anything you want is understood
'Cause you're more than a lover
You're a friend
Do or die - yours to the end
And I remember it well
It was all on a Sunday morn
On that day our beautiful love was born
(* repeat 2 times)
I need that you are there
I'm so glad to know that you care
Only for me and baby and what I need
A friend in need is truly a friend indeed
And you look into my eyes
When I cry
You hold my hand
You understand
Always I know I can depend on you
To make all of my dreams come true
(* repeat 2 times)
All this hugging and squeezing
And loving and pleasing
And cuddling and teasin
The part I believe in
Just you're there boy
(*) He's the greatest dancer
That I've ever seen
He's the greatest dancer
One night in a disco
On the outskirts of 'Frisco
I was cruisin' with my favorite gang
The place was swarmin'
With out-of-towners tourin'
I knew that it wasn't my thang
I really wasn't carin'
But I felt my eyes starin'
At a guy who stuck out in the crowd
He had the kind of body
That would shame adonis
And a face that would make any man proud
The champion of dance
His moves will put you in a trance
And he never leaves the disco alone
Arrogance but not conceit
As a man he's complete
My crème de la crème, please take me home
He wears the finest clothes
The best designers heaven knows
Ooh from his head down to his toes
Halston, Gucci, Fiourucci
He looks like a steal, that man is dressed to kill
(*repeat 4 times)
That I've ever seen
(*) Sometimes it seems that way to me
It's easier to love, don't you see
(* repeat)
Won't somebody please explain
Why all the hurt and the pain?
Can't you make'em see
It's not supposed to be
All this beautiful land
See the children playing in the sand
I put to you this question
Would you ever tolerate destruction?
And I don't understand why
(* repeat 3 times)
What more can I say
What is this game to play
Give a person a little might
Well that don't make him right
And I hope and pray
Oh please let the children play
All this killing each other
You should be loving your brother
And I don't understand why
(* repeat 3 times)
Let me hear you say:
(I do) I love you (repeat 7 times ad lib)
And I don't understand why
(* repeat 4 times and fade)
Everybody let me tell you 'bout my love
Brought to view by an angel from above
Full equipped with a lifetime guarantee
Once you try it I am sure that you'll se
(*) Without love, there's no reason to live
Without you, what would I do with the love I give
All my loving to you I'll be giving
And I promise, yes I'll do, as long as I'm living
(**) I'm thinking of you and the things you do to me
That makes me love you
Now I'm living in ecstasy
It's you and the things you do to me
That makes me love you
Now I'm living in ecstasy
All the time it makes glad that I'm alive
Together we will survive
What do you think brought the sun out today
It's my baby, oh help me say
(* repeat)
(** repeat)
(** repeat ad lib 4 times and fade)
Here I am again
Alone in my lonely room
How can I believe you loved me?
Here I sit just thinking of it
All the time that we spent together
We were holding hands
Making lots of plans
The good things
A lover and and a friend
To me
It was so easy to love
How can I believe that
Somebody loves me?
What happened boy
To the love we shared
How can I believe you loved me?
I just need to know
That you cared
Is the love still there?
And if you love me
Like you say you do
Why don't we make plans for two?
All I need is
Some kind of sign
How can I believe that
Somebody loves me?
How can I believe
That somebody loves me?
(repeat ad lib and fade)
*We are family
I got all my sisters with me
We are family
Get up, everybody, and sing
Everyone can see we're together
As we walk on by
And we fly just like birds of a feather
I won't tell no lie
All of the people around us they say
Can they be that close
Just let me state for the record
We're givin' love i a family does
(*repeat 2 times)
Livin' life is fun and we're just begun
To get our share of this world's delights
High hopes we have for the future
And our goal's in sight
No we don't get depressed
Here's what we call our golden rule
Have faith in you and the things you do
You won't go wrong, oh no
This is our family jewel
(*repeat with following)
Sing it to me
**Get up, get up(get up)
And sing it to me
Oh, I can't hear you now(y'all)
Have faith in you and the things you do
Get up, get up y'all
I got my sisters with me
Everybody, hey hey hey...
Get up, get up and sing it to me
We're havin' fun
Life, life has just begun for me, me
(** repeat)
Me and my family
Get up, get up and sing it
Sing it, sing it, sing it, sing it to me
Yeah, we flock together
Like birds of a feather
Get up, come on, Joni
(*repeat to end)
(*) We're lost in music, caught in a trap
No turning back, we're lost in music
We're lost in music, feels so alive
I quit my 9 to 5, we're lost in music
Have you ever seen some people lose everything
First to go is their mind
Responsability to me is a tragedy
I'll get a job some other time
I want to join a band and play in front of crazy fans
Yes I call that temptation
Give me the melody, that's all that I'd ever need
The music is my salvation
(* repeat)
In the spotlight, the bands plays so very tight
Each and every night
It's no vanity, to me it's my sanity
I could never survive
Some people ask of me:
"What are you gonna be?
Why don't you go get a job?"
All that I can say: I won't give up my music
Not me, not now, no way, no how
(* repeat and fade)
(*) Say it one more time
Kiss me, say it one more time
Say it, say it one more time
Kiss me, sayi it one more time
You keep saying that you want to love me
And I know you know that I know it's true
Surely it can't be so hard to tell me
Baby, you love me and I love you
(* repeat)
You know a girl needs to hear it
If all the things you say are true
Why can't you tell me if you feel it
I shouldn't always have to
Be the one to tell you
(* repeat)
(* repeat 3 times and fade)
Thanks to Soeren from Denmark who transcribed all lyrics except 'We Are Family' & 'He's The Greatest Dancer'.