All lyrics by Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers of the CHIC org. - Real People 1980
(*) He's a chip off the old block
Just like a robot he'll do for you
What he's programmed to
He's a chip off the old block
He's so sharp, bright and smooth
It's a pleasure just to know him
He's a graduate from the old school
Of hard knocks, the sly fox
The carbon copy of his father
If you didn't like his pa, don't bother
Some of us think these qualities are grim
To be just like the one before him
(* repeat)
It's so hard to resist him
And the fact is that he knows it
He doesn't have to be persistent
In his whole make up he shows it
Don't trust your woman's intuition
I'm guilty by my own admission
Now that he's got me in his clutches
I'm walking around with my heart on clutches
(* repeat)
(**) The program to make a man
A simple plan that surely can
Make humans act synthesized
I think he's homogenized
(** repeat)
(* repeat)
(** repeat)
(* repeat and fade)
(Be with some) Real people
I want to live my life with some real people
Yeah, yeah, real people
I'm doggonne gonna be with some real people
Throughout this great big world of ours
There are so many folks
Who just can't get involved
Now they recieved you readily
And will deceive you dreadfully
Oh yeah, it's a reality
I'll just do my best, yeah
To try and make all those
Phoney relationships dissolve
Now I suppose they can't help themselves
So I propose to surround myself
With love, and humanity, and with some
(repeat chorus)
I don't think my emotions
Can stand all of this wear and tear
They say you control your own destiny
But I can't take them getting the best
They're getting the best of me
Spread out, give me some elbow room
And some place, where I can disappear
I'm so tired of hypocrisy
And why these folks even bother me
Please just let me be
(repeat and fade)
I loved you more than words could tell
Oh I loved you more than words
Seems like we all live
All alone for ourselves
Seems like we all live for ourselves
But how can we say "live"
When these hearts of ours can't give
Any love to the ones
That you hold so very dear
I loved you more than words could say
Oh I loved you more than words
If you see the stains
When you look at my face
If you see the stains on my face
Tears are not only bad
Sometimes they come when I'm glad
And I'm glad when I think
Of the love that we had
Now I know you've known
Other lost souls like me
That lived their lives
In search of peaches and cream
If all this cold world
Has to offer are dreams
Rescue me, oh please, oh please
I loved you more
chorus 1:
I've got protection from your infection
I've got protection
I've got protection, got to pass my inspection
I've got protection
Not gonna run, you son-of-a-gun
I am not afraid of you
Any time you want a showdown
You've been through every girl in town
Havin' fun, you're number one
Now I think it's time to slow down
You could never break my heart
Oh no, I have spoke to my connection
I bet you think you're pretty smart
Let's see how you can take rejection
(repeat chorus 1 two times)
Monkey see and monkey do
So the fellows imitate you
They think you're so together
All the girls wanna be with you
So cool that you fool them all
But that won't last forever
I think you met your match in me
Maybe in time you'll change your direction
Be honest with yourself
Recognize all your faults
And try to correct them
(repeat chorus 1 two times)
chorus 2:
I've got protection from your infection
I've got protection, got to pass my inspection
I've got protection, ooh
(repeat chorus 2 three times)
We are the rebels baby
Rebels are we
We want to be free
My baby and me
Never the less
Rebels are we
Life's a switch
Don't let it play a trick on you
Try not to be fooled, be wise
Don't throw a fit
Stay calm and you'll be cool
You'll find the solution
Right before your eyes
I know much more
Now that I'm older
Just a little bolder
Listen to me
We can't give up
Now that we're moving
The whole world's groovin'
We must stay free
Don't cage us in
We might just surprise you
In order to convice you we will
Oh no you can't
Take away our freedom
And get this straight
For that we won't be still
The time is now
And if we have to fight
Come on, let's unite
We gotta do it soon
We're gonna win
On that you can depened
'Cause if you don't
Me and my baby are goin' to the moon
(*) 26, my baby's a 26
On a scale of 1 to 10, my baby's a 26
(* repeat 3 times)
What's this I hear about these perfect 10s
My colleagues squawk about
Them Ritzy girl friends
A hundred pounds, a hundred pounds of trash
They talk to me, they ramble on in my ears
And their conversation's boring
I would bet anyone 50 dollars
'Cause I only wagon on the surest things
Anywhere, anywhere she would go
I would follow 500 miles away from home
Just for a fling, for a fling
(* repeat 4 times)
I haven't known too many women
Throughout my less than lustrous career
But of all the relationships I've been in
To my 26 the others can't compare
She's my best bosom buddy, she's my partner
In the things I find important to share
She is fine, incredibly fine, it's no wonder
That she catches, that she catches all the stares
(* repeat 4 times)
(* repeat and fade)
(*) The me decade is gone
You can't do it alone, no
You'll find out like the rest
Girl it's your life
Go on and live it to its fullest
You said you needed a little room to grow
Got things you want to do
Places you want (like) to go to
Don't hesitate, no, not for my sake (girl)
(**) You can't do it alone, listen to me
Everybody needs a home
Was it worth it, tell me girl
To lose your love just to find yourself
(***) And even though it's late
I still wish you would wait
(Oh) girl let's try love again
You never know
I used to have the love
That made your head spin
You know I still feel sad
I never treated you bad (oh) no
If this is what you want
Go out and get it, don't slow down
And don't look back
Ooh baby
(** repeat)
(* repeat)
(*** repeat)
Thanks to Soeren from Denmark who transcribed 3 of the lyrics.