NILERODGERS.COM Official Nile Rodgers & CHIC site
NORMA JEAN WRIGHT & LUCI MARTIN Official site of the former lead vocalists of CHIC
SUMTHING.COM Nile Rodgers record company
RICHARD HILTON, who plays keyboards in CHIC and on the "Chic-ism" and "Live at the Budokan" albums.
RAYMOND JONES who played keyboards with Chic from 1978 to 1983. He is now a soloartist.
DAVID LASLEY, who sang background vocals on some of Chic's biggest hits including "Le Freak," and "I Want Your Love."
MAC GOLLEHON, who plays horns on "Chic-ism" and "Live At The Budokan."
LUTHER VANDROSS 'the voice' who brought extra dimension to some of CHIC's hits as well as giving CHIC-ish Change that extra lift.
SYLVER LOGAN SHARP, CHIC's lead singer since the early 1990s, and the maker of Sylverwear jewelry.
JERRY BARNES, who plays bass in CHIC now.
CHERIE MITCHELL, who plays keyboards and piano in CHIC now.
ANDREW BARRETT, aka Andy Schwartz who played keyboards with CHIC from 1977 to 1982.

SAMMY FIGUEROA, percussionist extraordinaire who played with CHIC from 1977 to 1983.

SONNY EMORY, the drummer on 'CHIC-ism' in 1992.
WE ARE FAMILY FOUNDATION, supporting tolerance and peace in the wake of the Sept. 11th 2001 attacks.
REVRIGHTTIME.COM home of the group, Rev. Right Time and the 1st Cuzins of Funk, one of Nile Rodgers 'young production projects'.
KATHY SLEDGE Official homepage of that fantastic artist who sang lead on 'We Are Family.'
SISTER SLEDGE Official homepage of the 'We Are Family' sisters.
JUICEFREEWITHSOUL.COM, A site dedicated to Soul music and it's artists from a true fan, Juicefree.

SOULFUL DETROIT, site concerning the music that has come out of Detroit.
DISCO 77, vote for this show to come out on DVD
NILEJAPAN.COM the japanese fan community CHIC and Nile Rodgers site.

on discoguy's informative site on the entire disco era.
DISCO SAVVY's CHIC PAGE with reviews of Chic records.
CÉST CHIC un site web consacré à Chic, en francaise!
CHIC FREAK nice site with music clips, lyrics and more.
CHIC FREAKS Chic group on Yahoo.
SOULWALKING.CO.UK's CHIC PAGE a huge site on soul, funk and jazz.
CHIC PAGE Wilson & Alroy's reviews of Chic records.
CHIC PAGE with history and discography
CHIC PAGE incorporated in Marc's R&B web site
CHIC PAGE basic chic site
DISCOMUSIC.COM the awardwinning RealAudio source for Disco music since 1996.
DISCO SAVVY much info on disco in general and sections on Chic, Norma Jean, Sister Sledge & Sheila & B. Devotion.
DISCO STEP-BY-STEP on disco and especially the Step-by-Step TV-show.
HENRY STONE The man behind the Miami Sound. He ran the T.K.-label which released groundbreaking disco.
DISCOSTYLE.COM dedicated to the style & quality of disco as well as nu-disco and they also have a section on disco cars! +record hunt section.
DEEPDISCO.COM for realaudio 12" samples & video features and mixes, deep disco knowledge and more.
RadioWDRC disco net radio
BUSSTOP RECORDS, UK record shop stocking everything from Disco to Trance.
T5M.COM access to several Nile Rodgers interviews.

DR. JAZZ CHIC MONTREUX 04 GALLERY great live pix of CHIC & also of Sister Sledge in 2002
ROCKARCHIVE.COM buy very cool Chic print! And other repro's of great rock photos.
CHIC PAGE at with video clips from the Budokan concert in 1996.
INTERVIEW AND LE FREAK CLIP at in Real Video Summer 2001

CHIC ORG. T-SHIRT can be bought at this place.
DEEP HOUSE NETWORK great house music community
FUNK TO THE MAX on everything funky.
THE POWER OF FUNKY shorts on artists labels and more...
DURAN DURAN PAGE at on the 80s culture.
FORRET.COM about sampling, house music and remixing..

DJ PORTAL.NU Swedish DJ Community & Portal.
GOOGLE the best search egine on the net. You can find everything even pix on this one.
YAHOO the best directory on the net. And they also have groups and other great stuff.
BANDS & ARTISTS find your favorite artist or style in this huge directory
WWW.RIOT web directory.
ALTA VISTA old favorite.
EXCITE directory and search.
LYCOS who is hosting this site through Angelfire.
DMOZ.ORG open directory, human edited.

BUSINESS-INC.NET web directory

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