Chic Live In Japan


JT Super Producers'96 Nile Rodgers

DVD Imagica Media IMBP-6001

Newly (2004) re-released by SPV in Germany: SPV 561-70837

Nile Rodgers
Bernard Edwards
Sylver Logan Sharp
Jill Jones
Christopher Max
Kim Sledge-Allen
Debra De Bruine-Sledge
Joan Sledge
Dancers, Shades Of Black; Horacio Blackwood, Ray Johnson, Ufouma Whiteru
Bass: Bernard Edwards
Guitar: Nile Rodgers, Slash
Drums: Omar Hakim
Keyboards: Richard Hilton, Philippe Saisse
Percussion: Gerardo Velez
Saxophone: Bill Holloman
Trumpet: Mac Gollehon
Produced by Nile Rodgers?
1. Do That Dance (Chic)
2. He's The Greatest Dancer (Sister Sledge)
3. We Are Family (Sister Sledge)
4. Dance, Dance, Dance (Chic)
5. I Want Your Love (Chic)
6. Good Times (Chic)
7. Le Freak (Chic/Slash)
8. Chic Cheer (Chic)
9. Just One World (Chic)
Additional: Nile is presenting every song, in studio. Also bio in Japanese. And a multi-angle view on 3 tracks.
P O C A T'S ... R E V I E W
This DVD is a must have for any die-hard CHIC fan. Not only is it the only commercially released video recording of a CHIC concert, it's also of the last of the concerts CHIC did as part of Nile Rodgers being named JT Super producer in Japan in 1996. But more important and historically significant is that it is one of Bernard Edwards last performances. He died tragically in his hotel room just days after this recording. Nile opens up with 'Do That Dance' and Sylver Logan Sharp really grooves on this one, Jill Jones though, seems a bit unsure of herself. Then it's a double take of Sister Sledge sans Kathy, her voice is surprisingly, most missed on 'He's The Greatest Dancer', on 'We Are Family' we are treated to a wonderful guitar and bass groove perfectly coupled with the sisters voices. Nile also gets into a frenzied guitar solo which does take WAF in a new direction. On Dance, Dance, Dance which prominently and excellently features Gerardo Velez percussive talents, Philippe Saisse inserts a jazzy solo. Sylver rocks as always and really purveys the image of class, the true mark of CHIC. 'I Want Your Love' is the best performance of the evening, both Bernard and Nile looks like they're enjoying themselves thoroughly, and Mac Gollehon and Bill Holloman are tearing down the house. On 'Good Times' Bernard emphasizes, with his famous bass line, why he's considered one of the best bass players ever. I don't think, however, it's a good idea to incorporate the Sugarhill Gang-Rappers Delight rip-off into 'Good Times' it's like sacrilege, but since it's done by the Lord of CHIC-dom, I guess I can live with it. Le Freak is visited on by hard rock guitarist Slash from Gun's 'N' Roses he does a solo but is more a testament to CHIC's influence in all music genres than actually bringing something to the tune. 'Chic Cheer' is the big introduction number everyone gets presented and plays a little solo. Steve Windwood actually is on keyboards on this one though he's not playing on any other performance on the DVD, nor is listed in the DVD notes. The presentation sequence is the same as on the 'Live At The Budokan' CD where Bernard says he's got the Tokyo flu... Christopher Max and Sylver Logan Sharp finishes with the beautiful 'Just One World' which has a fitting message, especially today, post September 11th 2001. Another great thing with this DVD is that Nile is presenting every tune, and telling a little about the background for each track. But to access these presentations you have to select the second button in the DVD menu, which is in Japanese so I have no idea of what it says. The DVD also has what I imagine is a bio on Nile Rodgers and CHIC, also in Japanese. It is a great shame that this great live performance wasn't released worldwide... I know I had a hell of a time to get my hands on it, and it wasn't cheap I can tell you. But I finally got it from a German company that imports the DVD from Japan, so it takes four to six weeks to get it. Use the above link to order it from that company. Otherwise I have seen it on and, usually used though.