Billboard magazine review 11/28/81 


CHIC-Take It Off

The sole criticism which could be levied against Chic's "Real People" last year is that it wasn't adventurous enough: Chic seemed rutted in its instantly-identifiable sound. Here, though, the group takes some chances. Several of the cuts have a harder instrumental edge, leaning more toward rock than r&b at times. (That aspect of the music is reflected in the cover illustration and lettering which makes this look like a B-52's album). Songs like "So Fine" and "Just Out Of Reach" are looser and more expansive than Chic's usual ultra-tight approach. And "Baby Doll," the closing track, is a hot instrumental with a tenor sax solo worthy of Jr. Walker. Now if only rock stations will ease up on their restrictive programming, this can get the across-the-board exposure it deserves. Best cuts: Those cited plus "Your Love Is Cancelled."