Review by Jonna Sima published in the Swedish newspaper Expressen on July 30th 2003.

CHIC performed at the Stockholm Jazz Festival on Tuesday night at 10:15 PM, July 29th 2003


Rating: 3 of 5

Exactly a week after the Rolling Stones concert hat trick in Stockholm the disco band Chic arrives at the Jazz Festival.
Chic's importance to modern pop music and its branches such as hip hop and dance music is as significant as that of the Rolling Stones to rock music. Chic's songwriting duo Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards can easily be compared to Jagger/Richards, McCartney/Lennon and, why not todays Williams/Hugo in the Neptunes?
Rodgers is the only one left from the original 70s band set. But that doesn't seem to matter much. You never get that soiled cover band feeling, despite the fact that disco classic after disco classic are performed. "Le Freak", "Upside Down", "Good Times"...
Frankly, jovial Rodgers has written some of pop history's best songs.
But, despite having played the songs thousands of times, he performs them with such dignity and power that one gets even more convinced that he's presenting some of pop music's sweetest treasures. (translated by pocat)