Excerpt from a review by Johannes Cornell published in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) on July 31th 2003.

CHIC performed at the Stockholm Jazz Festival on Tuesday night at 10:15 PM, July 29th 2003


.../.../...The rest of tuesday night carried on in typical festival fashion.../.../...Nothing, though, changes the feeling that the jazz acts are just warm-ups for Chic. Not that that's needed of course - but a lot of the audience seems to look at it that way, and that's the inevitable result. But it doesn't seem to worry the, for the night totally dressed in white, disco group.
With their already incredibly effective recipe on CD, they positively detonate on stage. This occurs immediately - they've scarcely manned their instruments before bandleader and guitarist Nile Rodgers releases the superhit "Le Freak" like a run away steamroller on the audience.
It's so tight, so impressive and so groovy that even the most hostile jazzfan should be able to identify at least some likable quality. For everybody else it's a wonderful cavalcade of beloved dancetunes. "Le Freak" deserves to be mentioned again, and returns as an encore. But Rodgers' and deceased Bernard Edwards catalogue of songs also includes masterpieces like "I Want Your Love", "Good Times", "I'm Coming Out", "Upside Down" and "We Are Family".
Chic's European equivalent can be said to be Abba, who never managed to record anything but hits either. With that as a starting point Nile Rodgers has managed to get worthy replacements for some of Chic's original members. The new singers sound great, likewise naturally Omar Hakim on drums. And even if nobody can fill the void left by Bernard Edwards, the new bassplayer, even if he sometimes maybe embroiders rather too much, plays with good feeling for the band's sound.
.../.../... (translated by pocat)