CHIC fan Derek Bussen reminiscing in 2004 about a CHIC concert in 1979.

Describe the concert from 1979, ha ha. I'll try. The concert was free to anyone going to the Michigan State Fair. There used to be a huge grandstand that was used for car races and other such large events. Most concerts at the Fair were held at the smaller Band Shell, but being 1979 and Chic being super hot, it was held at the grandstand. In front of the grandstand before you got to the stage, it was a big empty space.
They opened the gates early for the fans to get down there (no seats, just the concrete). I remember sitting on the ground for 2 hours waiting for the show to start. The show drew all kids of people, young and old, black and white, straight & gay, at the time everyone loved Chic. Everyone was talking and enjoying meeting other people. I remember is was hot, the end of summer. I had just gone to the fair the night before because Sister Sledge had played. They were so popular, they had to schedule an afternoon performance and an evening show.
I do remember when the show started how impressed I was when they came out on stage because they were all dressed to kill (in the summer heat). Here they were playing to a bunch of fairgoers in short and t-shirts, eating cotton candy and hot dogs and the guys were dressed in suits, ties and all! I don't remember what Alfa was wearing, but I do remember Luci. She was dressed totally in black...a black dress, black hose, black heels, black gloves and the best part...a black hat with a black veil. She was so cool and she just oozed confidence and attitude, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. After the show I remember all 6 of us said that Luci was our favorite group member.
I remember Nile smiling throughout the whole show, Bernard was cool but nowhere near as showy. Alfa did almost all the lead singing, Luci joining in on the chorus or dueting on songs that called for them to sing the song together. I do remember the audience hooted and hollered cheering Alfa on during "At Last I Am Free" and she gave it all she had giving the song almost a church feel to it. The two girls were so different, Luci with the I'm a star so love me vibe (a Diva before we used that name), while Alfa seemed more down to earth winning the audience over with her incredible voice and smile. The only other slow song they did was "A Warm Summer Night". And I definitely remember that they closed with their hit at the time which drove the audience crazy - Good Times.